My passion for people started from an early age. I wanted a career where I could serve and touch people in a life-changing way. After spending 30 years in the health care and clinical research field, I equipped myself to further my passion for life coaching. My expertise and experience both personally and professionally, infuse my work with deep understanding and compassion.

My vision is to empower every person I engage with to live a fulfilled life.

My purpose is to lead people into self-discovery and self-awareness,  supporting their growth and development.

Many people are living productive and meaningful lives on the outside, yet on the inside something is missing, preventing them from truly experiencing the deeper, inner fulfillment they have dreamed or longed for.


Wilma helps people to create balance between the outer obligations of life and deep, inner fulfillment - activating their greatest potential to fully express their gifts.

She will guide them on a journey, support them during challenging times and illuminate the way they should go. She will share with them profound insights for truly creating their unique purpose in life.


For Wilma, coaching is about the success of the other person. She wants people to trust her as coach to lead them to a point where they can say, “We did it ourselves”.


As coach, Wilma accepts the responsibility for developing the capabilities of others and supports them in fulfilling on their commitments as leaders in their own right.


It is in the pursuing of worthwhile commitments that people find meaning in life. These commitments could be related to business results, effective relationships,  completing projects or moving from one life season to another. Most important, it includes a commitment to the self – how to look and feel fabulous.


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