Clinical Research Coaching  

Clinical research coaching and mentoring is a personal, one-on-one relationship between a more experienced scientist and a scientist-in-the-making. Effective coaching and mentoring is critical to help early career investigators and/or trial naïve research sites become successful, independent researchers/research sites.

Clinical research coaching is of critical importance to increase the capacity and number of clinical researchers and to enhance scientific productivity and to meet the needs of stakeholders. The availability and quality of coaching lead to career commitment and satisfaction, confidence in research skills, success in grant acquisition and subsequent provision of mentoring and coaching.

As coach, Wilma will provide wisdom/knowledge gained from previous experience. She will help investigators and team members to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of a research career. She can guide and help them to what is expected of them; to focus; to show productivity as soon as possible; to communicate regularly with all stakeholders; and to discuss their ideas with the research team frequently.

Key components of the coaching program

Relationship building
Emotional support
Identifying areas for improvement
Responsive coaching and modeling of best practices
Advocating for environments conducive to quality research
Data collection and reporting

(for Clinical Research Coordinator Course see:


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