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Wilma’s passion for people started from an early age. She wanted to follow a careerthrough
which she could serve and touch people in a life-changing way. Ater a career of 30 years in
health care and clinical research, she equiped herself further to become a life coach.
Her expertise and experience both personally and professionally, informs her work with deep
understanding and compassion. Her vision is to empower every person she engages with
to live a fulfilled life. Her pupose is to lead people into self-discovery and self-awareness,
supporting their growth and development.

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Temperament coaching is the process of becoming familiar with the four temperaments, the
strengths and challenges of each temperament and where you and others fit in. Understanding
our basic temperament enables us to accept ourselves and others. It shows us how to anticipate
and prevent problems.

Temperament coaching will help you realise that there will never be another you. Your uniqueness
is good. Your uniqueness is tied to what you can do well. You need to discover who you are,
where your strengths and challenges lie and what you can do to overcome them. You and your
unique blend of temperament have a specific role to play in your relationship with others.

Discover who you are made to be and how your unique abilities can colour your future beautifully.